Holy Smoke!

Holy Smoke!  The restaurant Holy Smoke BBQ & More located in historic McDonough, GA has created a lot of “smoke” lately … here are some recent write-ups about their BBQ restaurant.

If you don’t exclusively use wood to smoke your meat, is it still true barbecue?

By  10/6/2018

“One of my most recent discoveries of new barbecue places practicing old customs is Holy Smoke BBQ & More in McDonough. They use a smoker custom-made by a retired hobbyist in Florida who fashioned it from an LP butane tank like you’d see outside a house in the country. (Funny how some of the most tradition-minded barbecue people use old butane and propane tanks.)”

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Experience Holy Smoke BBQ & More in McDonough, Georgia

By KARYN WOFFORD 10/5/2018

“Georgia possesses a lot of beloved barbecue joints. So how do you decipher the great from the downright legendary? Well, you simply have to try them all, or ask someone who has! Know that when we tell you Holy Smoke BBQ & More, located a bit south of Atlanta, ranks as one of the best, you’re hearing from the taste buds themselves. While just a mere baby when compared to long time staples such as Old Hickory House in Tucker and Fresh Air Barbecue in Jackson, this little southern joint off the McDonough Square has debuted on a high note.”

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